viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008


I have already started to prepare my presentation for (if the strike doesn't change my plans) next wednesday. Basically, I'm going to talk about these 3 texts I've linked above. I'm still in the process (haven't read the The Rhizome text yet), and have to think which aspects I'm going to focuse on. I'm thinking about talking about the content and context of those texts, and making a comparison between them. They have very obvious connections that I really have to mention and explain, but they are quite different at the same time, because their authors come from different fields, are referring to different aspects and, in fact, the texts per se respond to a different genre.

I'm really amazed about these texts, and I'm quite sure I will focuse on these 3 aspects:

- the importance of these texts lie in the age at which they were written. One may be surprised to find out how many years ago they were written, and how visionary the ideas contained are. They are really pioneer texts regarding a conceptual approach to the links between information and technology.
- because they come from different fields of knowledge, they consider "the same idea" from a different perspective. These ideas relate to other ideas that have been developed afterwards during the XX century.
- they have had enormous influence in other areas of artistic and intellectual expression, such as the literature (hyperfiction), the mass media (the Internet), the academic research (the death of the author)...

I can't really talk more about my presentation, because I'm still in the process. I show you one of the drawings I'll probably show you in class. The Exquisite Corpse is so hilarious, isn't it?

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