jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

A bit more about my idea...

I know that I've not been posting a lot about my idea for phase 1. The truth is that I still need to think more and clarify some things. I need more quotes, and some of the ones I collected at the beginning might not appear in the final project. I'm not sure yet. I have a more clear idea of the web's structure and, more or less, I'll do the following.

A structure dividing the screen in successive frames (which simulates a complex web, as the hypertext literature does in relation to the reader). This structure helps to reinforce my belief that the reader can decide their own adventure, your own path, and that the choice of a path in principle implies the renunciation of other possibilities.

The use of colors will also help this idea of the user chosing between 2 opposing views. I thought white/black/gray is the more appropriate chromatic scale, so I avoid to use too much garish colors.

I definetely need more quotes! Aaarg, and most of them are in Spanish, so it's double work having to translate them. But I guess I will have investigated enough for the next week to come up with all this. My first intention was to use images to illustrate my quotes, as well as a background image. But in the end images are not allowed for this phase, so I'll have some things to rearrange some things.

As Nadine told me in our "one on one" discussion, I'll have to try to relate my project a little bit more with the idea of "interface" and "intermediation". And yet I do not know how... I guess I could find quotes making explicit reference to these concepts...

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