martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

PHASE 1: My idea...

I would like to explain a little bit more what is my idea about the PHASE 1 project, as I already started conceiving/designing it. Hyperfiction or hypertext fiction is more than just the simple act of linking documents with software tools, as this would be insufficient. This concept is not new. Cortazar with his "Rayuela" (Hopscotch, 1963) reached the edge of the hypertext. But the new thing is now technology allows the real birth of this form of literature. And most importantly, today society is prepared to adopt it. Cybercitizens, grown in audiovisual environments, claim other different forms of storytelling: they ask for images and sounds. They ask for worlds in which they could immerse. So it is the time to provoke the Singularity to introduce these new content, the evolution of the oldest and most traditional forms, into our everyday world. And that's what I want my project to be about. I want it to be a kind of window talking about the huge synergy between technology, society and literature (and the contradictions and boundaries that came across the way).

There is a very interesting text about this idea here.

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