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We'll my hyperfiction project is already done. And today we all have had to present our projects (or part of the projects) in class. I think I'm going to talk a bit more about it before the end of this phase 1. To begin with, I'm posting my "reference page" because it is useful to clarify some things about my project. The viewer may understand the structure of my page and where I did find the quotations.

The quotations I have collected for this project come from a variety of sources. Some of them were originally in Spanish, so I tried to make an accurate translation. I have divided the quotations into 3 groups. In the first group we have "general quotations" about the hypertext theory and reflections about the idea of author.
  • The first quote "The are a lot of possibilities: some elections are simple, others sensible...", is taken from the Choose your own Adventure Book Series Manifesto. The one I used is a translation from the spanish available here.

  • The second quote "I mean a non-sequential writing, a text that forks..." is a Theodor Nelson's quote from his book Literay Machines. It is available here.

  • The third one "Holding a fact or an idea our mind jumps..." comes from pioneer text As we may think, by engineer Vannevar Bush. He was trying to make a justification for his theoretical proto-hypertext computer system, Memex. The quote is available here.

  • The fourth quote "The author still prevails in literature books, in biographies..." is taken from the essay The death of the author, by french writer Roland Barthes. Available here.

In the second group, we have another 4 quotes, which have been reached through the previous ones. These are much more specific and delimit two different approaches to the hyperfiction literature theory.

  • The quote "Multiplicities are rhizomatic, and expose arborescent..." comes from the text The Rhizome, by Deleuze/Guattari and available here.

  • The quote "Perhaps the true paradigmatic work of the era offers the patient reader..." is a Robert Coover's reflection quoted in the book Patchwork Girl review, by Shelley Jackson. Available here.

  • The quote "Most of the time, literary criticism still asserts..." has also been taken from the Roland's Barthes essay, mentioned above.

  • The last quote of this group, "the narration (...) runs the risk of..." is an extract of the text Las posibilidades de la narrativa hipertextual, by Spanish theoric Susana Pajares Tosca. She quotes Coover in her text to refer the risks of hyperfiction literature.

Finally, in the last group of quotes, I've tried to mix eight different really quotes but extracts of archetypical hyperfictions or literay precedents. They are related to each other by pairs of two (that is something the viewer has to find out him/herself through the links).

  • The first group is formed by the pair "We have been seeing each other..." and "Oh, I should explain. We have code words...". These are two extracts from mythical hyperfiction Lies, by Rick Pryll and available here.

  • The second group about Ts'ui Pên's labyrinth is two extracts from hyperfiction precedent The garden of forking paths, by hispanic writer Jorge Luis Borges. It is available here.

  • The pair of quotes "Ultimately, every node, every piece of text.." and "Ignore people who have specific prescriptions..." are two contradictory quotes extracted from the Susana Pajares' text, mentioned above.

  • In the same way, the last two quotes "Deep down, hyperfictions are not so different..." and "One of the reasons why it makes sense to include hyperlinks..." are a contradiction I've linked between the Susana Pajares' text and a piece from the Yo, el ornitorrinco weblog.
I'm having problems with the FTP to upload the project to the FACS server. I don't know what's happening, maybe some of the ftp settings are wrong. I'll figure it out!

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