miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

PHASE 4! - guidelines

These are some of the main guidelines I'm going to follow regarding Phase 4. I'm finding some little problems on the way, but nothing really important. Basically, I have chosen to work on the second model of the "Google Image Trawl / Small World / Rhizomes / Digital Trails" option. Therefore, I will try to trace the lineage of an image and its different applications and implementations throughout the closed system of the Internet.

My idea is to create an html-language based project, taking advantage of what we learned during the Phase 1 project. I will use images, text, hyperlinks, connections... through which I will explain the keyword EXQUISITE CORPSE is interpreted, visualized and contextualized through the Google Image search engine. I have chosen this keyword because it will allow me to work with the concepts of "hypertextuality", hyoerfiction, death of the author... that I used on my presentation, and engage them with the visual environment I tried to formulate in my Phase 2 video.

I still have to think how I'm going to visually display the photos (that I have looked for, but not chosen yet) and the paragraphs (a short paragraph of text for each instance of the word/image), and how I'm going to map out the possible connections (I'll try to follow, more or less, the Spoerri idea of the desk as a map)... We'll see!

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