jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Jorkjeimer last post

Phase 4 is done!

And it's time to say goodbye to JORKJEIMER/art&technology and to "The Electronic Landscape". I've spent this last week working hard on this phase 4, trying to coordinate everything so it could make sense... I'm quite proud of what I've done, and just hope to have achieved my goal: to trace the Exquisite Corpse using the Google Image Engine... questioning some of its implication, its artistic values...

When I finished my project, I had the feeling all was very abstract, and some things could be misunderstood (or not understood as I intended). So I immediately thought about doing a "Reference Page" so I could include further written explanation. Paradoxically, the different meanings and interpretations are part of the Exquisite Corpse project... so I shouldn't have worried about that! I have finally decided not to include the references and leave it free for interpretation.

It's been really tough work posting in this blog during all this VERY LONG school year. But it's worth it! I've learned A LOT and my Canadian experience (even though it ended one month ago) has been excellent; in part because I've had this big opportunity to learn very different things, and study very interesting and different areas to what I usually do. Thanks Nadine and Mark! :)

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