lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

EXQUISITE CORPSE- globality, interactivity and convergence


"Dada will in your faces, Dada is nothing and does not mean anything."
Tristan Tzara

"Poetry shoul be done by everyone, and not by only one."

I don't know why, but I was sure I have written about the Exquisite Corpse in this blog before. Maybe because I'm always talking and writing about the same kind of things... but the truth is that I haven't. Well, I did when I was preparing my Phase 1 and my presentation about the precedents of the hypertext and its influences on the hyperfiction literary tradition. Anyways, I think this is a great opportunity to revisit the Exquisite Corpse concept, the idea around which I would like to work for my phase 4 -the Google Image Trawl project.

The widespread use of the e-mail, the blog (and its feedback system based on comments), the copy-paste mechanisms, the hypertext and the digital photography... have made it possible to widely extend the initial possibilities of the Exquisite Corpse proposed by the Surrealists. As stated by elfloridobyte, "while the linear summation is a part of the "formal" concept -if we can talk in terms of formailty when creating surreal games-, we can either break down or muliply this linearity in the Internet medium, or we can exploit the multimedia possibilities using simultaneous or parallel elements, for instance."

In a way, my idea is to use the idea of "making meaning through collaboration"- exemplifying the nature of the dialogic, telecommunications-based process, where the central space is under the control neither of party A or party B-, as stated by Mark in the wiki page for the 1st option, and use it in the 2nd one -tracing the lineage of an image and its different applications and implementations throughout the closed system of the Internet-. I undertand the Exquisite Corpse as a playful and free dialogue, with a special interest in the electronic landscape, in which the geographic barriers and the physical presence are eliminated in the art creation process. Therefore, "exquisite corpse and network share their sense of globality, interactivity and convergence", that I would like to exploit.


Exquisite Corpse principles

- It is a collective work

- It should be understood as an entertaining work, with no stylistic pressures (regarding meaning or coherence). It may wish to be intentionally paradoxical.

- Intuition, randomness and coincidentality are appreciated values.

- It should always have an experimental perspective.

- It should supress the "real name" (ego) of the authors, as it must be conceived as a collective project.

- It is a hybrid.

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