miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

i got an idea! -phase 2

After talking to Nadine about my ideas on phase 2... I knew I had to re-arrange everything in order to make my video more specific. The videos I linked in the previous post are amazing, but because they express their ideas in such a strong and powerful ways... it's really hard to use them in order to change their meanings or to do something different -adding another perspective. Doing another video about the same (how cool the hypertext is!), without any original material would not make any sense.

That's why I've been thinking about my project (or rather, re-thinking) and kind of decided to focus on the idea of hypertext as a dystopia. I've been reading some texts concerning hypertext revolution that deal with the idea (at least, tangentially) of the limits of the hypertext. That is the case of this text, and also this one.

I'm still on the idea process, so I show you some of the brainstorming ideas I made last nigh:

getting lost
broken links
links that don't go where you expected
missing information
making non-sense associations (forcing the association)/ false forkings
clicking here and here / the feeling of being active, rather than real activity
the idea of chaos and principle of casuality
fragmentation / incoherence / spontaneity / aleatority
immediaty / inestability / randomness

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