jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

behid the hype- process

I would also like to talk about the process and conception of my phase 2, now that it is already posted online for people to watch. I want my video to be understood and decoded at several levels.
First, I wanted to make a hypertextual video -this is almost impossible to actually make, as the motion picture is inherently linear. But I wanted instead to play with the hypertext idea of the "story within a story", which seems to suggest a break in the linear impositions, by presenting the stickman writing the thoughts and dreams of another one. Secondly, I present 2 confronted ideas: the hypertext as a utopia and the hypertext as a distopia. It is remarkable the way both of them are displayed on screen. The first one is part of stickman's dream, and I try to express these ideas as part of what he is dreaming and would like to get (a utopia, something to be understood as an aim). And the second one, marked by the stickman's fall, is set to be realistic and focuses on the limitations/negative aspects of the hypertext
At the same time, I had also played with music connotations, by presenting a very different tone when I present hypertext as a distopia and when I do it as a utopia And last, my goal was also to do something visually engaging with homogeneous colours and continuous characters.

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