viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2008

New blog, new adventure

Well, that's it. A new blog, and ready to launch a new venture with it. Today is the beginning of Jorkjeimer's new adventure and, well, as I've already written in the blog's introduction (in the sidebar), this blog will talk about everything related to art and technology, especially when both of them overlap. Nowadays, it seems that technology is more present than ever in our lives. It's something we have already discussed in class: what makes technology (technology understood in the widest sense, as any tool used to do something) to our lives, and especially which is its contribution to art. Now simply tools have changed, the art in the broadest sense has been democratized, it's out of the museums for the world to enjoy and take part in.

I guess, first of all, I have to clarify something before I get started: that's the name of my blog. The name Jorkjeimer is just a joke I've been using for quite a while, particularly about things that use to envolve computing and the Internet. So the blog is named after the german philosopher and sociologist Max Horkheimer, and I just switch both H to J, thus it's similar to my name in Spanish: Jorge (very difficult to pronounce for foreigners, I know). It's just an old story, hehe.

And that's all for the moment. In this blog, my little space, I will be posting that sort of things, my ideas, my doubts, my points of view... just everything interesting I come across the net. Of course, feel free to comment and share your opinions :)

See ya!

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